29 nov. 2019

Martyrs of Purity
-In defensum castitatis-

It was July 5, 1902 in a little Italian town called Nettuno. A young man harrassed and tried to take advantage of a an 11-year-old girl named Maria Goretti, who resisted courageously until he stabbed her to death. Shortly after, the Church recognized this young girl’s death as a true martyrdom with the title "in defensum castitatis." Following the footsteps of “Marietta,” many other young women have given their lives in defense of their purity: Antonia Messina, Pierina Morosini, Verónica Antal, Marta Obregón, Anna Kolesárová, Elena Spirgevičiūtė, Santa Scorese, Teresa Bracco and many more. The "Wake Up Project" presents to you this clip called Martyrs of Purity. In defensum castitatis so you can discover the beauty of these souls who, for love of Christ, defended their dignity as daughters of God, willing to pay the price of their own lives.

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