15 mar. 2018

"Take Up My Life"
Prayer by Fr. Andrea Santoro

The "Wake Up Project" invites you to discover what was in the hearts of those who knew how to live and die for Christ. "Take Up My Life" is a prayer written by Fr. Andrea Santoro, an Italian priest who wished to be a witness to the Gospel in an Arabic country. He spent 5 years as a "Fidei Donum" missionary in Turkey, where he lived as "another Christ" among people who did not know Christ. He died in 2006, assassinated while he was meditating on the Word of God in his small parish church, "Saint Mary of Trabzon." This prayer, written on November 20, 1986, expresses what was in the priestly heart of Fr. Andrea: love for Christ and the desire to lay down his life for Him. At the same time, it expresses the experience of his own fragility.

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