7 jul. 2016

Mons. Nicolaos Matti Abd Alahad

In this episode of “The Footsteps of the Nazarene” his excellency Nicolaos Matti Abd Alahad, Archbishop of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch and of the Middle East, shares his testimony on the hard day to day life that our Orthodox brothers in Syria must face. He was appointed Patriarcal Vicar of the Syro-Orthodox Church of Antioch for Spain and in this interview he speaks about the international influences that help the advancement of the Islamic State (also known as DAESH or ISIS) and how the mass media tries to hide the reality of what is really happening. Through this video you will be able to get to know the story of “the People of the Cross” who suffer for their faith, but who are at the same time are filled with hope.

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