25 may. 2016

Where is your brother?

Where is your brother? This is the question that God poses to humanity, inquiring about the brothers He entrusted to us, the brothers who are constantly being humiliated, kidnapped, tortured, and murdered. Their blood is crying out to Heaven! Meanwhile, many of us have fallen into a mediocre slumber, lost in a world of comfort, oblivious to our neighbors’ anguish. HM Television wants to give a voice to our brothers, Christ’s witnesses, who are willing to shed their blood rather than deny their faith. These men and women live out their Christian faith with authenticity, hope, and strength in the most difficult situations. Pray with us for the persecuted Christians in Syria, Irak, Nigeria, and so many other countries. Cry out with all your heart, in midst of this terrible genocide, that you too are a “Nazarene.” The interviews contained in this clip are taken from the television series “In the Footsteps of the Nazarene” by HM Television.

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